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There are 120 elected Commonwealth’s Attorney’s across the state who are members of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys. As prosecutors, we are charged with seeking the truth and pursuing justice under the law in each of our jurisdictions. We are also focused on bringing best practices and innovated solutions to the criminal justice system. 
Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys are the only members of the Virginia criminal justice system who are elected by the people of Virginia every four years. This election cycle gives the public the opportunity to determine whom they believe should be making decisions on their behalf regarding the pursuit of justice in Virginia.
We are also public servants, community leaders, fathers, mothers, sisters, sons, daughters, baseball coaches, care givers, friends, neighbors and so much more.  We encourage you to get to know us.

The mission of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys (VACA) shall be to foster a closer relationship among fellow prosecutors, law enforcement and the public; to promote uniformity in the fair, effective and efficient administration of the law; to provide input on legislation that advances public safety for all in the Commonwealth; and to educate citizens of all aspects of the criminal justice system.

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VACA Board Officers & Representatives
VACA Members​ by Jurisdiction
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